About SAIF : Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facility (SAIF), was established at the Indian Institute. Instrumental methods of analyses form an indispensable aspect of any R & D program. Keeping in view the inability of small educational institution and industries to procure and maintain sophisticated analytical instruments, the GCOPK has set up Sophisticated Analytical Instruments Facilities (SAIF) in the college.

SAIF, GCOPK houses a variety of major analytical instruments which are operated and maintained by a dedicated and qualified group of Scientists and Faculty. It is an integral part of GCOPK, and operates with an "open access policy". The result of this policy is that all can benefit from the services of SAIF.

The main objectives of SAIF facilities are :
1] To provide for guidance acquisition of data using Sophisticated Instruments.
2] To organize workshops on the use and application of various spectroscopic and analytical techniques for students, teachers and personnel from other Laboratories, Universities and Industries.
3] To provide facilities of sophisticated analytical instruments to scientists and other users from academic institutes, R&D laboratories and industries to enable them to carry out measurements for R&D work. Development of new measurement/analytical techniques: Efforts are made by the SAIF to develop new techniques/ methods of analysis to put the instruments to their full use and offer them to the scientists for exploring new dimensions in research in various areas of science and technology.
How to use the Facility :
External Users : University/ Colleges :
You can come in-person or send your samples along with a letter from the Head / Guide on your College/Institute Original Letter Head for registration stating that the analysis is for research purpose to qualify for academic concession. The letter should be addressed to The Head, SAIF, GCOPK.

Industry :
You can come in-person or send your samples along with a letter for registration. The letter should consists "In any event, the content of report/bill is meant for our information only and we will not use the content of this bill/report for advertisement, evidence or litigation." If your letter does not content the above line then your letter and samples will not be accepted. The letter should be addressed to The Head, SAIF, GCOPK.

In your letter mention that " You agree to acknowledge SAIF, GCOPK, in your publications and thesis if the SAIF Instrument results are incorporated/used in them."
In all publications of research work, wherein the analytical services of the SAIF have been made use of, the SAIF of GCOPK shall be duly acknowledged. Kindly send us the publication reference (Journal name/volume number/names of the authors/date of issue of the publication etc) to us.
For any further details mail to saif.gcopk@gmail.com

Note :
1] The analytical data / spectra are provided only for research / development purposes. These cannot be used as certificates in legal disputes.
2]Service charges are payable at prevailing rates.
3] Samples, letter and payment should be sent in the same cover only.
4] If Samples are received without covering letter/DD, the samples will be sent back to the user without any further intimation/notice.
5] Separate Sample should be sent for different analysis.
6] Samples will not be analysed till Payment is received.
7] If you are sending samples for multiple Analysis. Please send separate samples for each analysis.
8] Please send the samples in quantity as mentioned in the brochure. Samples are not recovered, unless a special request is made.
9] In all correspondence related to analysis our reference/registration number must be mentioned.
10] Radio -active material should be clearly mentioned and handed over personally.
11] Unstable and explosive compounds are not accepted for analysis.
12] Services are rendered to only those users who regularly give us feed -back about the and use of the result ,e.g. thesis, patent, process publication etc.
13] Research fellows and students are advised to send their application and samples through their Supervisor or Head of department.
14] If you want samples back Please inform to particular lab or mention in your letter.
15] Kindly collect your samples back at the time of collecting your report. Samples which are not collected within a week from the date of report collected/sample analysis will be disposed of immediately without any further notice.
16] We do not provide any accommodation. You have to arrange on your own.

Payment :
The payment should be made in advance by a only Demand Draft(DD) in favour of :
" The Principal Govt. College of Pharmacy, Karad."
The DD along with sample and covering letter should be sent to :
" The Head, SAIF, Govt. College of Pharmacy, Vidya Nagar, Karad, Dist: Satara 415124

Sample Submission :
Samples are to be submitted at the time of registration or brought along on the date of your appointment for your sample analysis.
Results :
After the sample analysis is complete the soft copy of results will be sent to the requested email ID only. No hard copy will be made available.