PO-1: Graduates will acquire and describe/explain adequate basic theoretical knowledge of different aspects of pharmaceutical sciences.

PO-2: Graduates will apply basic theoretical knowledge to perform and demonstrate different pharmaceutical experiments in various departments.

PO-3: Graduates will design, conduct, analyze, interpret and think logically to solve pharmaceutical problems.

PO-4: Graduates will communicate effectively the adaptable, flexible and effective approach to pharmacy profession.

PO-5: Graduates will develop an ability to work on multidisciplinary tasks through time management, independent working, team working and leadership.

PO-6: Graduates will able to create, plan and implement different professional activities.

PO-7: Graduates will able to play their role in investigation, implementation of modern techniques in pharmacy

PO-8: Graduate will able to adhere ethical responsibilities in their profession and society.

PO-9: Graduate will able to apply current drug information and create awareness in society about the effective and safe use of medicines.

PO-10: Graduate will understand, apply and demonstrate role, duty of the pharmacist in promoting overall public health.

PO-11: Graduate will able to tackle future challenges through lifelong learning by independently and continually expanding knowledge.